The key cereal crop of civilization, actively used throughout our planet. There are two varieties of wheat - winter and spring wheat, divided by the season of sowing (autumn and early spring respectively). The main area of application is the production of bakery products, cereals and alcohol. At the same time, wheat is used in agricultural complexes as the main and additional fodder product. The value of this cereal is determined by the content of useful trace elements, the most important of which are proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


A popular cultivated cereal whose history of cultivation goes back more than 10,000 years. Barley is actively used in the production of a wide range of products, as well as for feed. Special mention should be made of the wide use of this cereal in classical brewing. The nutritional value of this crop lies in its rich content of protein, which is necessary for cell building.


Corn is a widespread agricultural crop used for food and feed purposes. The main natural advantages of corn are its high content of potassium, phosphorus and vitamins of the deficient group. Corn is also used in folk medicine and pharmacology as an effective choleretic remedy. The production of corn oil and flour is another aspect of the unconditional usefulness of this crop for the food industry.


Peas are considered to be the most popular legume. The rich content of amino acids determines the high nutritional value of this product. Widely used in the food industry, cookery and folk medicine. The unpretentious, frost-resistant peas, in addition to the listed useful qualities, perform a side function of an effective fertilizer, saturating the soil through the root system with nitrogenous compounds.


Sown or cultivated rye is an annual or biennial cereal that is cultivated as a winter or spring crop. It is a common crop of high nutritional, agricultural and fodder use, with about 40 varieties. In addition to the standard carbohydrates, proteins and various dietary fiber, which are present in the wheat grain, rye grain also has a set of vitamins of group PP, E, B. That is why rye bread is considered a useful dietary product. The main ingredient for kvass is made from rye. Widely used in medicine. The use of rye products, decoctions and preparations that contain rye can successfully fight many dangerous diseases.


Sunflower is a typical plant of the steppe and forest-steppe zone. It has a high plasticity, which allows it to be cultivated in different climatic conditions. Sunflower is the main oil-bearing crop cultivated for seeds, which are used to produce edible and technical oil.


A plant of the legume family, a grain legume crop. Chickpea seeds are a food product, especially popular in the Middle East. Optimal for growing chickpeas is a tropical or subtropical climate with a minimum annual rainfall of about 400 mm. Nevertheless, chickpeas grow successfully in the middle zone as well.